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Barber shop is not my job… it is my passion!

It is a pleasure to give my clients a unique moment.

I was born to bring new experiences.

In the middle of 2003, a flame lit my heart.

The beginning of something extraordinary was growing inside me, even though I didn’t understand it at that moment.

I was still too young to understand what was to come. However, life was already giving me what was not just a financial reason, a passion was born.

I started to dream of a space where male privacy could come back to exist as in the old times, where I could be among friends and at the same time they could have the best experiences of their lives.

In short, today the art of cutting hair and trimming beards is something that many have as a profession, but for me it is a moment of life transformation. Barber work is not just a source of income, it is a source of life, it is doing what I know how to do well with the best finish and with love to deliver total satisfaction to those who sit in my chair.

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